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Yamaha MODUS H11



Simple & High Quality Design

Yamaha's H11 is part of the MODUS series model.  It is as much a "work of art" as a fully functioning digital piano merging something of ancient Harpsichord design with Ultra Modern Chic it looks set to expand the piano market to those discerning customers seeking ultra-contemporary and luxurious design, ably complimenting modern interior style.

Natural Wood (NW) keyboard with real-wood white keys and synthetic ivory keytops

This type of keyboard features the feel of real ivory. The special Natural Wood keyboard also uses real-wood white keys. The key surface is soft and slightly porous, giving the keys added grip and a natural friction that lets you play easily. The authentic touch and feel of the keys goes far beyond existing electronic keyboards, it makes you feel as if you're playing a real grand piano. This specially crafted keyboard lets you use techniques only possible on grand pianos, such as playing the same note successively and having the sounds blend smoothly even without use of the damper pedal, or playing the same key quickly and having perfect articulation without the sound cutting off unnaturally.

Moving Key

Whatever songs you play back on the instrument, you can enjoy the performance visually as well as aurally. It is perfect for the home, and serves as an eye-catching instrument in a restaurant, store, or any public space.

50 Classic & Jazz Piano Preset Songs

The instrument features 50 built-in piano preset songs, including both classic pieces and jazz standards. The preset songs are divided into scene categories, to match a variety of favorite listening preferences and to let you select your favorite songs based on a scene description.

Internet Direct Connection - ModusRadio streaming service

Music to match any scene and mood - directly from the Internet. The instrument functions as a "performance radio" by streaming songs directly through your instrument - while the keys move in sync with the music.

Dual Mode

Dual mode lets you combine and play two voices together. For instance, strings and piano can be combined. When playing staccato, the piano voice is heard. Playing legato will generate string tones, adding depth to the performance.


Reverb effect with different reverb types lets you add rich, extra depth and expression to the sound to create a realistic acoustic ambience.

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